Women's Empowerment Loan Fund for Women Owned Businesses - Small Business Real Estate Financing Video Loan Tips

Women's Empowerment Loan Fund for Women Owned Businesses

The women's empowerment loan fund was created because 40% of all new businesses are being run by women owned small business enterprises, however only 25% of these businesses are getting approved for small business loans. In this video, National Business Capital’s President Joe Combretto will explain everything you need to know about the Empowerment Loan for women entrepreneurs. National Business Capital wanted to change the tide and make it easier for women business owners to obtain small business loans. That’s why they created the Empowerment Loan—to provide a better business financing experience for all women entrepreneurs. With simple qualifications, the Empowerment Loan is a small business financing solution that’s accessible to all women entrepreneurs. All you need to qualify is: - 6 Months Time in Business - $100K in Gross Annual Sales or about $10K a Month - No Credit Score Minimum - No Industry Restrictions - No Collateral Required Ready to get started on growing your business? Great, click here to get connected with a member of my team. Wishing you nothing but success! Want to explore funding options for your business? Click here