Minority Owned Small Business Loans Qualifications and more - Small Business Real Estate Financing Video Loan Tips

Minority Owned Small Business Loans Qualifications and more

Watch this video and learn how you can access a minority owned small business loan and continue growing your business! National has recognized the difficulty minority business owners have in obtaining funding. That’s why we built a platform suited to accommodate minority business owners seeking funding with the minority-owned business loan.

Benefits of working with our team here at National to obtain your business loan: - 90% Approval Rating - Access to 75+ Lenders - All Credit Scores Are Welcome Requirements: - 6 Months - $120K in annual gross sales - No hard asset collateral required With leading financing solutions available to minority business owners of all races, National can help your business get the funding it needs without a frustrating process! If you’re ready to apply for a Business Financing, fill out this less than 60-second application form: HERE